USPS Tracking Temporarily Unavailable [resolved]

Many of you may have noticed that as of 17/11/2014 the USPS Tracking has been unavailable. We’ve tested it through 3 external warehouse locations and it seems to be true for all international packages. The message you’ll receive is “USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for [Country Forwarder].”

There has been a huge international outrage which is still continuing to this date. A week of controversial information with not a single official statement regarding the issues at hand has passed, and we’re still in the dark. The unofficial data we’ve collected suggests that international USPS Tracking for First-Class Mail International will either be discontinued as a service, or it’s in fact a technical glitch in the system and will be resolved anytime soon (days to weeks).

We’re closely monitoring the situation and will update you with any relevant information as soon as it’s available. Naturaly, the tracking at is still working but only as far as the country forwarder goes.

Some useful community discussion links:

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may have caused! Be sure to update us with any relevant delivery information as soon as available. Hopefully, the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) won’t be affected.

Kind regards,, Support Team

[Update 27/11/2014] We’re glad to announce that the issue has just been completely resolved. USPS Tracking is now available and working as intended. We’d like to thank you for the support during the previous erratic week.