uFreeze explained

What is uFreeze?

uFreeze is a revolutionary device designed to increase your testosterone and fertility by conveniently lowering the temperature of your testicles. The need of similar device has been felt for a long while with numerous physicians recommending testicle cooling procedures with cold water and ice. And while these techniques have proven to be somewhat effective, they remain extremely inconvenient. uFreeze provides you with the ability to precisely control your testicle temperature with no effort whatsoever. Just place the device on your testicles while you’re sitting or laying down and enjoy the health benefits.

How does it work?

By utilizing the latest cooling advancements, the device freezes a 4.0 by 4.5 inches metal plate to which a thermophore is permanently attached. The thermophore needs to be filled with water and placed on the areas you need to have cooled. It is that simple, comfortable and convenient. uFreeze is completely unique in its design and is able to sustain the desired temperature indefinitely.

The health benefits?

Increased testosterone levels
Numerous studies have confirmed that cold testicle environment significantly increases testosterone production, frequently up to 150%. Gone are the days where you had to shower the testicles with cold water the limited 30 minutes a day before you had to go out. You now have the means to influence the health of your testicles and control your testosterone production more accurately.

Improved fertility
So many studies have shown a direct link between the sustained testicle temperature and semen quality. Testicle cooling is frequently recommended as the first step to increase your fertility. That being said, up to this point it was extremely difficult and inconvenient to sustain lowered testicle temperature while at your home for longer than 30 to 60 minutes. Moreover, the temperature could never be reliably regulated to fit your exact needs.


Regulating testicle temperature has never been more convenient. uFreeze can be used basically any time for as long as desired.

uFreeze is extremely comfortable. The thermophore is made of a special soft material created for the exact purpose.

Controlling the temperature is seamless, convenient and easy.

As constructed, uFreeze is extremely reliable with MTBF of about 220 000 hours.

Great Value
Acquire the device once and enjoy increased testosterone and fertility for the rest of your life.

Technical Characteristics

Power Consumption: 60W

AC Adapter
Input: 100 – 240V V1.8A 50-60Hz
Output: 12V – 6A
Output Power: 72W

uFreeze Bottom: 5.0 x 6.5 inches
uFreeze Height: 3.0 inches
Thermophore: 4.0 x 4.5 inches

1.05 pounds, 475 grams

27.8°C / 82.0°F water temperature to:
17.4°C / 63.3°F in 2 minutes
11.7°C / 53.1°F in 5 minutes
7.4°C / 45.3°F in 8 minutes
5.9°C / 42.6°F in 11 minutes
4.7°C / 40.5°F in 14 minutes
2.9°C / 37.2°F in 20 minutes
1.3°C / 34.3°F in 30 minutes