Register Personal Affiliate Account

Registering for an affiliate program has never been more convenient. Just follow the three easy steps:

1. Register your basic account.
An affiliate account is just an upgrade over your already existing account. Naturally, step 1 would be to register a basic account (note that after the initial registration is complete, you’d be transferred to your basic profile account page, meaning that you’d have to manually return to this page and continue with step 2).



2. Edit your profile, the required fields are just your first and last name.
In order to sign up for your affiliate program, you’d have to submit your first and last name in the form below and click on update.

You must be logged in to edit your profile.

3. Sign up at the bottom of the page.  After you’ve submitted the required information in the form above you’re ready to sign up for your affiliate program. Make sure that everything is correct and click sign up. You’d immediately be presented with your personal affiliate profile in which you can monitor your revenue and numerous statistics (note that signing up immediately at step 3, by skipping step 1 and 2, won’t work).

By signing up, you indicate that you have read and agree to the Affiliate Program | Terms & Conditions.

Login to access your affiliate profile upon completion.