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Hey guys, the production of the dietary supplements has been discontinued due to low demand.

SR-Cream, uHeal, and uBreeze will be unaffected as they have been performing well.

We’d like to thank you for all the support over the years and assure you we are hard at work to continue to provide you other helpful products.

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Improves liver function, neutralizes radioactive isotopes, absorbs certain viral precursors, alkalizes the body by directly removing free radicals, neutralizes nitrosamines in the stomach,  removes mycotoxins, improves nutrient absorption, chelates radioactive isotopes, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs and many other toxins out of the body and is  beneficial to the overall organism functioning.

Additional Information


One (1) teaspoon. Approximately five (5) grams.


As a dietary supplement, take one (1) teaspoon every morning.


No Gluten, No Yeast, No Wheat, No Milk or Milk Derivatives, No Lactose, No Sodium, No Soy, No Egg, No Corn, No Grapefruit, No Fish, No Sweeteners, No Starch, No Sugar, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Preservatives.


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    I’m not sure if this product did anything at all to be honest.

  2. :

    Great product! After just a month of using it and multi-alpha feel that my organism is finally starting to function similarly to what I remember it.

    Now I have much more energy and feel that the food is absorbed at least twice as fast judging by the onset of the energy spike I receive afterwards.

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    go for the activated or double activated version. have tried the three of them and the not-activated is just cold and not as effective as far as i noticed. the product is solid, have tried other zeolites and this is the thinnest powder of them all. it’s very important and it makes it much more effective cause it has more active surface to lock down toxins.

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    My body feels much cleaner after taking this product.

  5. :

    The effects seemed very subtle the first month. I decided to continue for another month and the effects became more apparent.
    Nicely packaged and no complaints about the delivery.

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    Fairly satisfied with this one.

    It is really microscopic and this as I’ve read is very important due to the increased surface exposure.

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    The double activated Zeolite and the Colon Cleanser are the bawzy combo that lost me nearly 4 kgs of pure poison and rotting stuff in my bowels.

    I’d recommend this on my life to anyone.

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    I recommend this to every guy that feels his belly is becoming big. It will really clean your insides well, at least did it for me. Note that I also used the Alpha Colon Cleanser so it may be synergetic.

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    I hooked all my family into using this and they are all satisfied. It’s a solid very micronized (in itself but in comparison with other products too) product.

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    I have to agree with some of the dudes down that the double activated vertsion is the best (tried both 3).
    Well what i can confirm is that it does take the burden out of my heart after eating. Usually i get really sleepy and my heart pountds but when I take the zeolite it is much better. I do think it lowers my exessive blood sugar possibly and for sure some of the burden in my intestines for food absorbtion possibly. Whichever the case it is a must for balance at least for me.

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    For years I’ve been feeling stuffed like a diseased pig with so many poisons… and BELIEVE me it gets worse with age UNLESS proper measures are taken.
    Now I don’t say zeolite is the answer but is certainly is one of the measures. The effect is subtle at first but gets increasingly better with time.

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    Have been taking the recommended dosage for 3 weeks. Works just as it is supposed to as far as I’m concerned.

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    i certainly feel detoxed myself after using the zeolite for about a month. i just feel light with more energy, as if the organism is finally free of some invisible burden.
    ps almost forgot to clarify that i have experience only with the double activated version for maximum toxin absorption.

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    This zeolite is amazing. I have been using for months and the more I use, the more I love it. I felt so light and good after the first month that I actually started going more in depth about how it affects the body and I found amazing things.

    First, zeolite has a strong negative ionic charge, meaning it easily draws any positively charged ions and particles such as heavy metals, environmental chemicals like pesticides, pathogens, impurities, drugs, and even viruses (yes), and locks them in its molecular cage.. basically quarantining them completely (and you then just defecate them).

    It’s also very alkalising, helping to balance the body’s pH balance (very important). It also aids the body in its nutrient absorption and is beneficial to the immune system, allowing it to operate in a better environment. People that live near rivers with zeolite deposits and drink the water have almost 90% reduced risk of cancer! Look it up – it’s statistics.

    I recommend taking it on an empty stomach to improve the cleansing process. If you’re finding yourself in a bad shape and need to take double the dosage for faster results you may want to consider eating some fiber 20-30 minutes after taking it to speed the waste removal process.

    I was so fascinated about this product that I asked the customer support some additional questions about it and by the answers it seems to be superior to most of the other zeolites. It is activated or double activated, which basically means it’s been heated and cleared of any internal hydration so that is ready to absorb bad stuff more readily than a normal zeolite, it is also magnetically sanitized (important components are not destroyed by heat or radiation), it is super high on clinoptilolite (meaning it’s almost pure zeolite of the best quality), and is micronized to a very small size (increasing its efficacy and active area).

    Finding this zeolite was a life-changing event for me. Huge improvements in each area of my health and still going. I hope you will find my comment useful.


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    It goes really well with Enzy Men. I believe they have awesome synergy as Zeolite is cleansing the blood and liver and Enzy Men is providing much of the essential enzymes the liver used to be burdened to produce (effectively taking off much of its load).
    I have used them both with just amazing results. Much of my “polluted” organism feeling is gone and replaced by a feeling of lightness and more energy.
    Erection power and libido follow my improved health, goes without saying.

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    I’ve been using Zeolite (Double Activated) for about over a month and the effects seem quite subtle HOWEVER I do feel some quite positive effects on my digestion and fatigue. I might have also lost some excess weight due to Zeolite.

    I’d probably use it for 2-3 months till the positive effects start to show up more.

    Overall, The double activated is very good & I’d recommend it to anyone wishing to detox your body. :)

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    Worked well for me. Objectively improved my well-being and liver functions because my new blood tests came much better than the old ones just after a month of use. I do feel better too so it’s not just something written in paper.

    Personally have gone for the activated version but since I definitely see improvements I will soon try the double-activated one.

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