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uHeal provides you with means to naturally restore, rejuvenate, and improve penile tissues with the proven and effective health benefiting properties of magnetic therapy.

It’s 26 specially designed and tuned therapeutic magnets create just the right field for highly improved tissue restoration and rejuvenation. It positively affects every aspect of your penis and overall well-being, with thousands of people being highly satisfied already.

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Additional Information

Therapeutic Magnets

26 separate therapeutic magnets


16 centimeters / 6.3 inches


5 centimeters / 1.95 inches


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    Gave it a try two weeks ago and have to say I have been wearing ever since. Improvements in the overall feel of the penis came virtually the same day with tissue being notably softer and more elastic while flaccid and harder while erect. I have to say I expected a more subtle difference so this goes beyond my expectations of boosting penis health.

    It’s well made to fit every size with it having rows of magnets throughout the band, which are also smartly used as the lock up system.

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    Thing combined with uBreeze makes me horny all the time, hard to imagine these therapeutic magnets would have such a positive effect on my cock and balls but they do. Can definitely stand behind it.

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    I am proof that magnetic therapy works. I have made the poor decision to try to enlarge my penis unprepared and have paid the price but the magnetic therapy band with the SR Cream has really breathed new life into my penis and I am very grateful. Given that I have probably months of use before I fully restore my penis to its previous state I am finally feeling hopeful that things are moving in the right direction.

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    it’s really well made and fits perfectly. i have to say it’s impressive how well it’s working in a combination with the sr cream. the routine i’ve been using this past weeks has been keeping the magnetic band 3 hours per day and applying the cream 2 times a day. erections and overall health of the penis seem to be at an all time high with the slight scarring i had at the underside of the penis near the glans rapidly softening up and disappearing. very helpful products thank you.

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    Just a few minutes in you can feel the itching healing sensation to even places of your penis you didn’t know they were slightly bruised. Such a great aid!

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    Comfortable to use and rather effective in what it does;

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    So far so good. Have been using it to improve my erections and can definitely feel there is a field of a sort around my penis. Results wise I have noticed improved EQ of around 20% which is not huge but in all honesty I haven’t used the thing for more than an hour per day so I figure it may get better from now on.
    Another positive thing is that I think it actually increased my libido a bit, maybe with 10%. Probably due to the overall positive effects magnetic therapy exerts on the body as a whole. It’s a solid purchase definitely.

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    Magnet therapy is real. I have been wearing magnets for some time and they stop the pain from arthritis in my hands immediately. This one is one of the best I’ve seen in terms of production value as it has 45 separate healing magnets inside. Gives me stronger erections and a healthier penis overall, it will also suit me well in my plants of penile enlargement in the future. Definitely recommended~

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    I use the magnetic bracelets all the time. They are especially helpful after a pretty intense workout. Sometime I have to sleep on them under my upper and/or back for pain or soreness relief. I even bought some bracelets for my workout partners.

    As for this particular one, I’m glad that somebody produced such a thing especially for the penis. It’s well made with many separate magnets and goes really well with my enlargement routine.

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    Definitely uHeal + SR Cream proved to be a solid combination and resolved long term problems with the shape of my penis, turns out it was a scarring that has tilted it slightly to the side.

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    Quality exceeded my expectections thank you very much

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    As ppl say it’s the inside that counts. Never ever have I seen a bracelet with 45 separate therapeutic magnets inside (!), that’s practically unheard of as most have bulky 2 to 5 magnets placed awkwardly that do not even come to producing as even therapeutic field as this one. Such a top product.
    Thank you for caring enough to go beyond the usual boring not optimally effective practices of manufacturers today.

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    if you’re dedicated to sustaining your penis health this is a must have. very satisfied with the positive effects on my penis.

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    Wife bought this to me after she accidently snapped my left side ligament during a cowgirl hotout. Can’t say if it has helped my ligament but definitely feel a difference in how my penis feels. I saw guys mentioning softer and healtier feeling and can attest to that. Really tissues just feel more energetic yet more gentle, similarly to the soft skin of young people. Erections are definitely filling up my 100% capacity and more, which goes beyond my expectations at this point. Ligament is still healing as I feel it is sprained but hopefully all will be well in time.
    Anyway decided to jump in and confirm what’s being said already – it’s working and it’s worth it.

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    Fucking injured my penis but this is helping me out somewhat thanks.

  16. :

    I think it works.

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    Seriously think this made my penis bigger over the course of 6 weeks of daily use. Either that or it just made the tissues to expand more but there’s definitely an increase of 0.35 inches of length and a bit 0.20 of girth.

    The positive effects are really appreciated, thank you.

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    tried it and loved the effects srsly every guy needs one of those.

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    Agreed, guys don’t know the difference unless they try, I know I didn’t. But there is some notable positives you can just feel the very first day. Slight injuries you didn’t even know you sustained will start itching and healing, penis feels healthier and more rejuvenated, and you just feel you can count on your penis all the time, so performance anxiety definitely goes down.
    5 out of 5 definitely.

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    Initially bought it to help me with my erection strength and boost enlargement practices but it went ahead and made a prominent vein on my penis smaller by at least 50 percent. It got me thinking what is going on so I started reading about the subject and it turns out it was actually a varicose vein that I had injured with my jelqing and stretching, and Uhea was positively influencing my body to FIX it for me! ! Absolutely magnificent! ! I use it 3 – 5 hours per day now and all I see is positives!

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    Made me last longer that is a fact. Much appreciated, cheers.

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    Without a question using the magnetic therapy thingy helped me with the bending of my penis I had since 11th grade. I bought it and the sr cream especially for it actually as I’ve thought it may be collagen related and I was right. The combo of two proved to be just what I was looking for and on top of that provided me with absolutely hard erections and a very healthy piece.


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    A big supporter of natural healing practices. Those 26 therapeutic magnets placed throughout the whole thing really pay off. Have noticed myself most of the already mentioned positive effects such as improved erections, softer flaccid, increased elasticity, improved skin texture, and even some unrelated to the penis but related to overall magnetic therapy effects like decreased bp and mood improvements. I have a feeling I’m going to use this babe for a long time to come.

  24. :

    Not sure if it helped to be honest.. maybe a bit but nothing too major

  25. :

    Goes without saying but for optimal results you guys need to have high testosterone and well functioning testicles. I figured that out so got uBreeze as well and am quite happy with them both. Erections and libido at an all time high and with the prospect to remain there for many years to come well until old age for just over a hundred bucks is definitely a deal.
    Take care ;)

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    After dealing with the horrible injuries jelqing has caused me I was desperate for things to fix my bruises, two spider veins, smaller glans and underside and the dreaded hourglass shape (especially noticeable inbetween 30% and 60% of erection). Bought the upack and used them all with a degree of success but will now concentrate on uheal. Especially for this review tried to use just uHeal for the past few days and see how well my body reacts just to it.

    Let’s start with the basics, the band lock up system uses the magnets inside, since they are 45 pieces and placed in an even matter that makes it really customizeable and would fit virtually every penis. The material seems to be some combination of silk and cotton to make it a bit firmer and is pleasant to the touch. Once placed it is largely forgettable and can virtually stay the whole day under your pants. As for the positive effects, you can usually feel them in an hour. It is usually a feeling that your body is finally aware there is an injury and is trying to repair it, usually materialized as a pleasant itching/burning sensation. The more you recover the less noticeable this feeling becomes and is then replaced by what I can describe as a healthy feeling penis, very pleasant, soft and elastic to the touch. I’m not sure if uHeal would be enough for a fast recovery as I have also used uBreeze and SR-Cream from the uPack and they must have significantly improved upon the process. Nevertheless I’m convinced uHeal is working as I just straightforwardly notice it’s effects even when used on it’s own.

    My grade for the whole uPack package would be 9/10 with very little to be desired to be a perfect score. Can definitely recommend each of the products for their individual benefits and as a combination. I hope I’ve been helpful.

  27. :

    Came as described.

  28. :

    Eloquently finished.
    Nice, light and comfortable.
    Creates nice healing magnetic field that CAN be felt.
    Using it with some results:
    – Around 15% increase in EQ
    – Improved filling of penis underside and glans with maybe 25%
    – Diminished premature ejaculation, probably due to my harder erection slightly numbing the midtissue while increasing pleasure on the outer tissue
    – Probably unrelated but as every therapeutic bracelet improving general health conditions and decreasing blood pressure
    Can stand behind this one, it’s great somebody finally produced a good product aimed at improving penis health.

  29. :

    So many separate magnets inside all turned properly. Have to say I’m thoroughly impressed.

  30. :

    unsurpassed value in terms of healing and price. have been using this one for 3 months with notable betterment on every front and i don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

  31. :

    I guess it’s producing some results yeah ty

  32. :

    Didn’t expect other benefits aside from the ones on my penis but I guess it’s turning and separating my circulating blood just the right way because my blood pressure got completely stable on 120/80 (out from 135/95) with uHeal being the only difference in my life for the last month. I’d take that!

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    Personally noticed much stronger erections and times more pleasure from beating it off – much appreciated :)

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    Great product! Within one minute you can feel the very pleasant itching/tingling sensation which is the magical miraculous healing taking place. Penis is so much healthier! Thanks so much!

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