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uBreeze is a revolutionary air flow based testicle cooling device, designed to reliably increase your testosterone and sperm quality.


uBreeze is a handy device designed to increase Testosterone and improve Sperm Quality by optimizing testicular temperature via advanced air flow technology. The process is one hundred percent natural with only positives for your health and well-being.

Color: Silver

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Technical Characteristics

Power consumption: 1.6W / 5V / 0.4A uBreeze Main Body Bottom: 2.5 x 6.5 inches uBreeze Main Body Height: 0.8 inches uBreeze Air Flow Passage Bottom: 9.0 x 2.5 x 3.0 inches uBreeze Air Flow Passage Height: 0.45 inches Weight: 0.26 pounds, 120 grams


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    First off let me say I’m a new customer and have never tried anything here except this particular product.

    I was considering buying Ufreeze just when I saw the announcement for this toy and decided to go with it. I ordered it with dhl and it came in 2 days and a half to USA.

    I have been using it for 4 days.

    Now I have always considered myself an introvert and a guy that never cares for big gatherings and prefers staying at home. Now I’m in serious doubt that it is who am I after those 4 days.

    The first day I didn’t feel different but noticed a boner through the night. The second day is where the difference started appearing – mind that I use Ubreeze on my PC at all times since it has USB cable and is super convenient to just ventilate my balls. I started feeling that I can look people at the face and at the eyes while nothing else seemed changed. I also noticed I feel more stable emotionally and wouldn’t rage when I played video games.

    The third day the trend continued and I tried chatting with girls on facebook and felt much more energetic, stable, and outgoing. I went partying the whole evening and had really good time around even random people.

    The fourth day I seriously started doubting I’m an introvert because I felt I can do anything and really needed human company. Interesting thing is I have always drived my car slowly and cautiously out of fear I can die but now I noticed I can go faster and didn’t feel particularly alarmed. Naturally I didn’t go much faster because I still have a brain.

    My conclusion is that it absolutely, undoubtedly, 100% must have increased my testosterone and apparently I have suffered from low levels all my life as it turns out. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody.

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    absolutely astonished how strong the stream can be at max!goshh it really is air conditioner for my balls and i am not ashamed to say im addicted to it after a week of use.
    the first comment is spot on and as strange as it may seem cooling my balls made me feel much better in my brain //// and my dick but thats to be expected xhxexh!

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    Using this baby 10 hours a day infront of my computer and loving every second of it.One of the dudes regarded it as an air conditioner for balls and it is just that.My balls used to be so hot and sweaty inside my pants and it really must have messed with my T. levels cause as all the other I feel much different and that in so short period of time is just amazing.

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    I myself own ufreeze and it has helped me so much it would sound ridiculouz to explain in detail.
    I really found ubreeze a good idea and must say it is Even More Convenient to use than ufreeze.
    I just hop trop the usb in and my balls are never ever again hot and low on sperm production ever.I am not much more self consious about testicle temperature and have given much thougght.Whenever I am not cooling my balls they are quite hot..I honestly feel they are hotter than body temperature hot but that won’t be possibal would it?
    High testicle temperature is an absolute plague in my mind and ubreeze solves all my problems in keeping them properly ventilated at all times ever.That is what I wanted and that is what I got.

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    Such a lifesaver for just a couple of bucks it’s insane!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND to everybody that want more testosterone, more confidence, more mojo and more of everything.

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    the most refreshing thing i have seen the last couple of weeks. have combined it with multi-alpha, alpha-amino, and alpha-hgh but i’ve been taking them with some success even before.very happy as to how things are turning at the moment.

    additional details:

    the fan is really quiet and i didn’t expect that much air at max scale but it blows rather strongly.you can modify the power of the stream with a button on the low side.

    it has a usb cable coming with it which is not that long but is more than enough to plug it on the front computer port..it’s probably gonna just a bit short for the back of the pc though.

    the blue part is very soft but seems to be reinforced from the inside along the way, effectively turning it in 3-4-5 lanes – so it can’t actually bent much and stays solid to any pants pressure.

    the black part is made of very polished and shiny solid black plastic and looks rather slick. the standard batteries panel is on the back.

    what i do is just directly plug it in my pants and turn it on. the air blowing my balls is rather enjoyable and more cooling than i thought.. i really think it is because the balls are constantly sweating just a bit.


    i can really say that after i have gotten used to using it all day when i don’t i feel my balls just boiling and sweating inside my pants. i don’t imagine i would ever stop using it as it is now. result wise i am very happy with dramatically increased capabilities both purely physical and mental. the difference seem to be very noticeable even to other people so i am enjoying compliments as of late.

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    The best and more convenient out of the three no doubt for me at leastt. Highly pleasant ball cooling that I would use even without the benefits but boy my cum is twise as thick @_@ even the gf noticed it!

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    I saw a similar comment and thought it is helpful to present it that way so there I go.

    After using it exactly 17 days for 5-8 hours a day:

    Semen: 100% increase in thickness and 50% increase in volume
    Erection: huge increase in erection power – 100% to 150% at least
    Nocturnal Erections: now appear each and every day
    Confidence: 100% increase
    Manly feeling: 100% increase at least
    Calmness: 120% increase
    Hair thickness??: didn’t expect that but it feels more slick and thick by at least 80%
    Energy: much more balanced and not as spiky + 30% increase
    Mood: good mood increase by a solid 80% to 120%

    There are many more subtle positive changes I won’t bother explaining in detail but it is safe to say that I will never ever stop using this device. I see all this positive feedback and still think it is underrated judging by what it has done for me in just 2 weeks. As far as I’m concerned it is one of the greatest inventions of our generation and needs to be used by every male out there.

    Take care!

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    Breezing my balls gets really addictive and I can’t go without them on the PC and in front of the TV now. I see some of the guys joking about “ball air conditioning” and in essence I guess it’s true but it doesn’t make it less amazing. Only when you’ve tried you can truly understand how sweaty and in need of a good cooling your balls are!

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    I too noticed that my balls were sweating in my pants with no way of cooling off so decided to give it a try.

    Results: much cooler balls and loads of thick sperm + increased libido and confidence.

    The device is ingenious and I can’t not use it now cause I’m much more aware of my scrotum temperature. I feel it really hot and sweaty without.

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    i use it every day. do i need to write moar?just left the bathroom and turned it on again.it is as on the pictures and does what it says.

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    as i found out keeping testicles cool is absolutely vital. i didnt immediately buy this device but as suggested in the comments section tried cooling them in the shower and wow just wow. you go and try it yourself guyz, just cool your testicles under the shower for 15-20 minutes. you will see results i guarantee.
    now multiply those results and see what i’m talkin about. the device is rocking it.

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    Cant imagene living without this s#%@t anymore. Everytime i start feeling my testicles are suffocated and hot I just plug it in and just leave it while doing stuff on the computer. Keeps em cool and libido is rocketing.

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    The device is absolutely awesome! It is better than Arctics (have tried them both) because it actually uses the sweat of your balls to cool them more pleasantly and exactly as the nature intended!
    It is very silent. I just plug it in the PC and start enjoying the nice breeze cooling off my balls when I play games or just chill out.
    It works too. Recently noticed more confidence and NOTABLY stronger erections.. like 30-40% increase in strength. Also nocturnal erections are steel strong now too.
    Recommended definitely.

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    Did wonders for my testosterone levels.

    Two months ago tests were 416 ng/dl total (I’m 29) which was low for my age. This got me really scared and I started taking cold baths and bought this product. Used it daily for 2-3 hours. The breeze is really pleasant actually. I noticed I was getting spontaneous erections more frequently (from 0 to 1 per day to 2 to 3 per day) and that I could sustain my erection longer.

    Aside from the erections I also had mental health improvements as my depression lessened and I felt surges of confidence and just positive thoughts.

    Yesterdays results confirmed it with 771 ng/dl. Very satisfied.

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    works just as intended and pleasant and easy to use while on the computer. i can feel that i can look people in the eyes now and females are noticing me more so it must be my manhood returning.

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    One of the best decisions I have ever made was to just purchase this thing and cool off my balls. I did that for about 40 days and noticed an increase in sex drive, erection, confidence (this was a huge one for me) and general well-being. I knew it increase my Testosterone but was surprised by how much. After testing it showed it had gone up by 178% over a month. Who knew that pants could be suffocating testosterone production by that much. I have to say I did expect improvements but this is times better than anticipated.

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