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Hey guys, the production of the dietary supplements has been discontinued due to low demand.

SR-Cream, uHeal, and uBreeze will be unaffected as they have been performing well.

We’d like to thank you for all the support over the years and assure you we are hard at work to continue to provide you other helpful products.

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Extensive description, featuring origin, extraction, and quality control (here).
Extensive list of health benefits (here).

Additional information regarding the recent product improvement (here).

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One (1) capsule.


For adult men, take one (1) capsule daily, preferably with meals. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications that you take with your health care providers.


No Gluten, No Yeast, No Wheat, No Milk or Milk Derivatives, No Lactose, No Sodium, No Soy, No Egg, No Corn, No Grapefruit, No Fish, No Sweetener, No Starch, No Sugar, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Preservatives.


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    After some research I started using this to supposedly modulate my inflammatory response.First couple of days I lost my libido but by the end of the week it came back and I noticed I didn’t have so severe premature ejaculation anymore.

    Ever since I was a child I had these knee arthritic pains in both knees,especially in high humidity.This seems to lower the symptoms by 75% at least.My Costochondritis seems to be disappearing which is also very encouraging.What remains is strange bone-like cracking when I move my chest beyond the basic movements but I suppose it’s only natural if you had the area inflamed for years.

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    I’ve used this product much before the Nettle was added and can testify that it does the trick nicely. The effects are almost instant – in minutes after I’ve taken it. The Nettle is a nice addition and adds some benefits I started experiencing later down the road. All in all, a very solid product. That should cover it.

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    Good product worked well for me

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    I have a slight social anxiety and what I think is minor depression in the sense that I don’t really like to hang out with people. I’m not afraid of them and I’m not antisocial since I have a very outgoing girlfriend and I’ve always been out there most of the nights ever since highschool. That said, it doesn’t mean I enjoyed it, it was just the socially acceptable thing to do. What I’ve found is that by taking this about 4 hours prior to me going out, by the time it gets time to actually go out I’m in a great mood and actually don’t feel that it would’ve been better to have stayed home. The effect lasts about 7-9 hours. Well these are my observations.

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    One was not enough so I’m taking double now. The anxiety is better but it works best with the GRB6-GABA product at least in my experience. It’s really like GABA and Serotonin work best together for the full range of benefits.
    Just my 5 cents. Take care.

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    Of this range of symptoms: body pains, blurry vision, eye floaters, dizziness, memory loss, anxiety, seminal discharge in the urine, hypertension, penile numbness, body tremors and panic attacks. Taking GRB7-GABA and 5HTP & Nettle helped me with the following: anxiety, body tremors and panic attacks, hypertension.

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    works sup for me at least. gotta say didn’t quite expect it to work within minutes after taking it which was a nice surprise. i’d say it keeps me maximum calmer with heart rate finally in normal ranges for about 5-6 hours while the semi-effect continues for the whole day. couple of possible panic attacks averted successfully.

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    Helped my anxiety immensely. Great product.

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    my ocd is way lessened after about 10 days of regular takings…and i had it bad. i used to make equations in my head and only when i get to a certain number or repetitions or result of the equations i felt it was gonna be okay. of course nobody knew what i was thinking but i knew it was ocd and am really glad i turned out right.
    i still feel the occasional urge to repeat some actions up to 5 and then count to 7, like washing my armpits during baths but it is much, much better.
    thank you for this!

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    Over 2 months:

    Reduced anxiety – 40%
    Reduced OCD – 30%
    Reduced heart palpitations when I masturbate – 90%
    Increased energy when I go up the stairs – 30%
    Reduced premature ejaculation – 50%
    Tinnitus decreased by at least 100%
    Hand trembling decreased by 70%

    It is mainly this particular product and some reduced dosages of GRB6 GABA.

    I am very content – thank you.


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    I’m a big fan of R&D Naturals products and have frequently bought non related from the corner pharmacy. When it comes to the 5-HTP there is no question it works. I take 2 caps after generally 2 hours after I’ve eaten and before I go to bed.
    I’ve noticed my mood when waking up is much better and feel less stressed and happier. I also tend to wake up much more easily.
    With that being said, naturally there are times when I wake up moody or still feeling stressed but for most part.
    I found the 5HTP combines well with the multi vitamin and the alpha amino just as i’ve seen some recommendations on the site claim.

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    Did well for my anxiety without a doubt.

  13. :

    Im actually quite fond of some of the other generic R&D products that I have used before. Naturally the 5HTP does not disappoint.

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    Used many of the product here myself. When it comes to 5-HTP, there is no question that this product does work. I take 1 or even 2 caps before I go to bed, generally 2-3 hours after I’ve eaten.
    I’ve noticed that my mood when waking up is much better, feel less stressed and happier. With that being said, naturally there are times when I wake up moody or still feeling stressed but for most part it’s great and also find the price well ranged to avoid the extra cheap low quality stuff.

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    as recommended have been using 5htp-nettle and the grb6-gaba. at first i only bought the 5htp-nettle but was not quite convinced it calmed my nervous system at the fullest range. for instance, i would have been feeling calm with no people around, but one door bell would startle me beyond belief. it’s difficult to explain but the effect was not complete without the grb6-gaba. i really believe it takes the both to experience the full ranged peace of mind. with that being said, the product does what it says for me at least.

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    Nice, nice. Still prefer not to use it every single day but have to say I found the 5HTP of surprising quality.

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    so i have been taking this for about 2 and a half months along with gaba 6. my main problem was the severe premature ejaculation i had.

    the first 2 or 3 weeks i saw some improvement at the rate of a 15 or 30 seconds longer per week, which was huge because i used to ejaculate within second literally. :|

    now after roughly 45 days i am able to hold it for about 3,4 minutes.

    as far as i am concerned it definitely works.
    i hope i can get it up to 30 minutes and when that happens i will probably call it a jobe well done.

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    I have suffered from mild mood disorder, general anxiety, stress-induced panic attacks, mixed with ups and downs. I decided to give it a try and within 48 hours, i was feeling a night and day difference.
    I take it in a cycle cause i found that after 3 or 4 months you may start building slight tolerance to it. I usually take a month off and continue. It then works awesome again.
    I’ve also noticed that after each cycle I’m calmer and calmer.. I think it really slowly but surely improves my neuroplasticity the way i want it to be.

  19. :

    I can definitely see my life in a perspective after taking some of this + the grb6-gaba. I don’t know what it is but they make me see things much more clearly.. it’s a combination of a clear mind and improved concentration. I then wonder wtf was I even nervous about some of the things I used to be nervous about in the past. For instance, I used to suffer from extreme performance anxiety and this combo cured me almost on 100%.

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    I feel happy and satisfied after taking this 5htp. I have tried other and they all kind of work a bit differently. The effects of this one are somehow more balanced. It may be the combination with the nettle but I dont really care…all I know is that it does what its supposed to.

  21. :

    Helped with my anxiety and low confidence. Thank you.

  22. :

    I have to say I love this 5HTP. I have tried others, including some of the enteric coated ones but they were all inferior in terms of calmness and improved sleep effects.

    Taking one capsule before bed works best for me but I’ve taken it in the morning and is still good. About 20 – 30 minutes after I’ve taken it I feel sleepy and just get to bed.

    I’ve also tried taking two capsules through the day but the effect was as if I’ve taken one, so I guess one is just the optimal dose.

    I do intend on taking it forever with some minor breaks at 4th month mark or something along those lines.

  23. :

    Great stuff. Very pleased with the results myself when combined with any of the GRB-GABAS. Made me much calmer yet clear minded, it’s difficult to explain but the feeling is awesome. No more running jittery eyes for me. I’m able to look respectable and steady in public.
    Thank you very much!

  24. :

    Works so well and it shows. Last night after taking it for about 12 days I was so confident it was just awesome.

  25. :

    I’ve been cycling both 5HTP-Nettle and L-Tryptophan (in 2 to 1 ratio). Have to say my anxiety levels are at all time low and my OCD has been steadily improving. I used to get nasty panic attacks from just trying to jerk off sometimes but I haven’t gotten them in months so that’s an objective improvement. I also recently found out and confirmed they go really well with GRB6-GABA (and possibly GRB7-GABA but haven’t tried that one yet). I’m satisfied I have to say. Take care.

  26. :

    Great supplement. You can feel the effects within minutes. Very calming effect. It combines beautifully with GRB6-GABA which is optimum before bed and then you sleep lovely. It used to take me like 2 hours every night to get to sleep – I’m generally quite a deep thinker and it comes alive at night when I’m bed haha – but after taking these two combined I’m asleep within 10 mins max. Anyway, these products are great for naturally correcting the intricate things on a molecular level in your brain – great stuff!

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