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Seven Herbs to Heal Your Penis

Highly advanced formula with numerous active extracts, designed to nourish , rejuvenate, and grow penile tissues. The unique combination stimulates cell renewal by penetrating and nourishing internal tissues as well as naturally modulating elasticity PGE1-3 and Nitric Oxide availability.

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* Hey guys, we’ve updated the SR-Cream formula with a few slight tweaks to improve it even further. It comes with an update in the name as well (with a B instead of R). For better continuity we’ll keep it under the old name on our website and just add a (B) at the end of the title.

Additional Information


For adult men, apply 2 to 4 times to the affected area daily.


It typically takes around 25 minutes for the ingredients to be fully absorbed into the tissues (you can then wash it off).


It is considered a very beneficial practice to wash and warm the area before use (with a hot wrap or under the shower) and cool it off after (with a cold wrap or under the shower).


  1. :

    Just used it for the first time. I’ve been using the old formula regularly for 4 months with some success.

    I like the smell and the consistency of this better. After the application I immediately felt what I can describe as a slight itching sensation (the ones you feel when your would is finally healing up) where the scar tissue is, which is a positive sign in my mind.

    I will post the results after a month or so.

  2. :

    I used SR-Cream combined with supplements on this site and my penile varicose veins have nearly vanished.

  3. :

    (The second week of usage). This ended my turtling penis for the most part at least. The vein is still visible and I hope it takes care of it eventually.

    I know there are no miracles but I hope that good results will come with consistent applications.

  4. :

    Much better than the previous one, of which I was barely satisfied. The consistency and the smell are 10 times better. The efficacy has been improved and it shows.

    I would have had to buy the previous one since I had no choice and it did improve the condition but I’m really happy with the current turn of events. Well done.

  5. :

    Hey I have a question. I’m pretty indecisive and wonder if I should probably try them both for even greater effects? Any possible contradictions with eachother?

  6. :

    pf this actually helped! HAHA! i really didn’t have high expectations having tried 5 different creams and gels for my varicose veins. and mind that 3 were pharmaceutical gels for leg varicosed veins! the pharma gels didn’t help at all, worse than the other two!

    observations day 3: the firm flaccid is better and the varicose vein is 1/4 or 1/3 smaller. spider veins are still visible but are less dead-blue color if you stretch the skin enough to inspect. i feel the penis more elastic and can actually feel the elastic tissue surrounding the internal scar. before i’ve used this cream it took me quite some time to pinpoint where the scar tissue was because the whole penis was retracted but now you can feel the scar being almost as external to the elasticity around. there is a slight tingling or pleasant burning sensation near the scar but i don’t mind really.

    this was day 3 and i may post some more when i feel there is something to add.


  7. :

    So I had this problem with my erection being very weak to non-existent when I drink. This was kind of damaging for me since I was never getting wasted on parties cause I would have to have sex with my gf would like to satisfy her. So she was blasting away while I’m sobering like some old guy.
    This continued for a year and I didn’t really remember having those kinds of problems before and I tried some of the stuff here as a try to return my previous erection power. I must say this was kind of a last resort for me but surprisingly it worked like a charm.
    The SR Cream with the Multi Alpha and the Alpha HGH + some Alpha Boost helped me out the most. If I had to chose however between everything I’d take the cream any time!
    I just apply it on the penis before we go out and it subsequently eases my erection potential to excellent levels. Yesterday I got wasted with at least 400 mg Vodka + Beer and was still able to get an erection even though my libido was totally shot by the excessive alcohol. Like.

  8. :

    Currently happy with the cream. The first week saw a very sweet improvement and then stagnated for the other 2 with less (but still improving I’d say reasonably). I persisted for a second month of course and it’s been going upwards no doubt.
    Less spider veins, less flaccid rigidity, kind of more soft scar tissue (which is mainly inside and to the right side, but I’m judging it from its outsides on the right), and stronger-ish erections for sure as a result. Nice cream overall.

  9. :

    dude this cream is the absolute bomb i cant believe it im so happy!! gone spider veins, much smaller prominent vein, gone hard tissue on left top of the penis, reduced penis curvature-!, much stronger erections and top sensitivity. even my premature ejaculation problem is half way gone!!! thanku-thanku!

  10. :


  11. :

    In all honesty I must say I was a little doubtful about the cream being a money grab but am glad it didn’t turn out to be so.. at least to me.

    Veins went 50% smaller and much more elastic in just 4-5 days. The sensitivity increased and curiously enough to me it didn’t bring premature ejaculation with it – on the contrary, I now just feel better but last just as long or even longer. Nocturnal erections power was ridiculous with me not being able to hit the toilet when I pee, at all – had to bend over my whole body instead of just the penis.

    There are many other aspects that will be influenced by the strongr and easier erections, such as confidence. The thought I can now have stronger erections is a huge confidence boost for me and believe me women can tell!

  12. :

    had a horrible injury with my gf just a month ago during the cowgirl position when the penis went out and she jumped on again. the pain was not bearable but what really got me worried was the loud snap-pop sound i heard. i mean – it was super loud. she heard it too… immediately after my penis turtled and i started having penis stability and eq problems. really tough on my relationship.
    now about the cream: have been using it for a week and what it has done for sure is relieve my “polluted” feeling i had in the base. basically removed the inflammation and i now at least don’t feel that the injury is getting worse.
    i really don’t know if it can help me since ligaments are also involved and don’t see how it will fix it. but at least the inflammation is better and i hope scars wont appear because that will finish me completely.

  13. :

    It is okay. At least better than the standard medications I took for the varicose vein. It is still there regrettably and the doctor says I may need to operate on it but ONLY if it is painful.
    I don’t want to operate it because I consider it very risky so am stuck with the cream and my hopes.

  14. :

    Cream is crazy! Erections all over, the most elastic flaccid as it has ever been, more sensitive and yet less premature ejaculation, much fuller when errect, and feels great!

    Didn’t expect that much! Thank you!

  15. :

    I feel it helped me with my varicocele even tho it’s just from the outside. I also used da cream on a severe bruise on my palm and felt better and more mobile almost instantaneously.

  16. :

    I was definitely impressed by the content and am glad it worked for my bump. It must have been definitey blood-injury related even though my doc was continuiously tried to convince me it was a random lymph vessel gotten bad. I’m glad I knew better than to believe his single minded smug opinion. Kudos for the cream, it helped me for the price of just one useless visit to my GP.

  17. :

    Positive experience overall. Helped me with my left ligament sprain. Luckily it was not disconnected or torn.

  18. :

    in the beginning i was using it on my injury in the middle shaft and the bump to the was difficult appying it there exactly so i used it on the whole penis.later i started noticing that the tissues there just felt great.its difficult to explain but the tissues just felt young and more alive. naturally the erection became much more pleasurable and strong.for about month and a half there was absolutely no trace of my old injury.none.but i still use it even now to avoid injuring it again when i jelq.i also use it before sex for better erections and the improved feeling.thank you.

  19. :

    its alright :) for a week my collagen became notably softer. it is sill there but finally im hopeful for the future :)
    ps the redness is gone too.

  20. :

    Like some of the guys in the comment section I also tried different things in order to heal my Peyronies. The only thing that helped a bit was pure vitamin e oil but NOTHING even came NEAR the effects of this cream. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. For about 2 weeks it diminished my original scar by at least 70% and still going!! After a year of suffering I finally feel hopeful for the future. A BIG BIG THANK YOU!!

  21. :

    most mornings after I have especially rough sex,I find that my penis is reddish and very sensitive..oi know this is not what the sr should be used for but I am applying it nevertheless and does the trick.the morning quicky has risen to be fashionable again.

  22. :

    Let me start with that very surprisingly in the past 2 months I’ve noticed an enlarged vein on the right side of my penis during erections. I was shocked when I first noticed it. Never remembered doing anything wrong really and it was certainly never there before. I mean the veins in my arms would get enlarged after working out but it doesnt look raight with the penis one. I hope this product will help me and I have been using it on the area for 4 days with positive results. What i notice is that the vein is now definately softer and 1/4 smaller. I hope it will continue to work because I need further improvement.

  23. :

    the stuff’s for real. did help me with a nasty varicosed vein and made my erections stronger.

  24. :

    Dat cream is the real deal. Fixed my left sided red-blue hematoma right off the bat …~ maybe it took it no more than 10 days to clear that up.
    Even from day one tho it stopped the nasty burning feeling I had there and I believe it stopped an incoming peyronies which is a great feature no doubt. It’s all but cleared now.
    Did the job, I recommend it too.
    All the best

  25. :

    This cream quite literally saved my penis after a year and a half of suffering prior. Had a nasty case of peyronies and a painful twist to the left. In about 2 months the pain went away and I noticed the twisting was not so rigid. In another month the scar started to just melt away and eventually got to 80 to 90% restored functions, which was huge to me. I circled around for weeks ecstatic that I finally could have sex and the nightmare is over. I can’t praise this cream enough and wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody.

  26. :

    The combination is well put together and worked for me although I still have some months ahead of applying it before I believe will be fully back to normal.

    The issue I had was a hardened tissue inside and to the left of my penis, which was leaving it with an hourglass shape form during 20% to 70% erection and was also making the underside and glans smaller and softer than usual. Sensitivity was 50% there.

    The results took a few weeks to start appearing which was rather fast as I’ve had the issue for 7 months without any significant improvements for that period. The hardened tissue to the left went softer and started diminishing in size. I believe the one inside did that too because I had that itchy restorative feeling from the inside that is hard to explain and the dreaded hourglass shape during erections diminished by 30%-50%. Undeside and Glans had corresponding in percentage improvements as well.

  27. :

    First I’m a real buyer and it’s hard to trust everything on the Internet but cross my heart hope to die…etc. I’m real. This stuff isn’t miracle cream but it is a necessity. If you have peyronie’s or desensitized GET the cream. I’ve used it fot 6 months and its a game changer. You WILL have strongdt errctions. Your hard tissue will soften. Just dont masturbate and believe. It works

  28. :

    Like some of the other guys on here, I was suffering for about a year with no help from Urologists etc. This cream saved my penis and my Life. I mean I am only 3 weeks in and have just run out so have ordered another bottle. It’s amazing how much it actually heals your penis. I am also going to order the supplement to correct the brain damage caused by the injury lol coz you guys know how much this affects you psychologically. 100% recommend the cream 10/10

  29. :

    I have used this cream every day for one month. It has helped. I believe it takes a few monts to fully heal depending on the injury. Overall seems to be effective. :)

  30. :

    Bought this cream to treat PD and some horrible pain in the scrotum area I got after trying to massage my inflamed penis (after PD injury). The cream removed 70% of the scrotum pain after the first application and I was able to do light workouts again.

    Regarding PD, I’ve never had any plaque (confirmed by an urologist), but rather multiple injuries in what I believe is the tunica albuginea, which all very easily got re-injured when erect. The cream has helped in stabilizing the condition and reducing the pain. My penis is also much more loose and soft when flaccid. In my case this cream has been much more helpful than DMSO, copper peptides and other things I have tried. It feels like it just nurishes the tissues and aid the healing.

    5 / 5 stars. It is absolutely worth the price. I will continue to use it even when my condition is healed just because of what it does to the tissues.

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