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Highly advanced formula with Q10 and numerous active extracts, designed to nourish , rejuvenate, and grow tissues. The unique combination stimulates cell renewal by penetrating and nourishing internal tissues as well as naturally modulating elasticity PGE1-3 and Nitric Oxide availability.

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Additional Information


For adult men, apply 2 to 4 times to the affected area daily.


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    I noticed improved erection quality after periods of usage. Sadly, it didn’t do much for my varicosed testicle vein as I applied it to the scrotum.

  2. :

    this and the alpha-HGH have done wonders for my injury and i’ve been around the block.

  3. :

    I’ve been applying it for 3 months now and it does help. I’m not sure it’s as much as I expected but at least the erection quality and the varicose vein are objectively better.

  4. :

    The cream is alright. I must admit my penis was quite numb after the injury but it’s better now.
    On another note every time I apply it I get a form or erection in 4 – 8 minutes and I’ve tested this at least 30 times. I think this could be marketed to people with ED directly.

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    I was recently operated for varicocele and actually bought the cream for the abdominal scar that was left behind. It’s really impressive all in all. The scar is barely visible as of now after just a month.

  6. :

    This defenitly helped me with my penile bending

  7. :

    Still buying the old version. Why change something that has worked well? I ordered the new to try it out too though.

  8. :

    Ok so I’ve tried both versions now and although it helps this seems to be the inferior one, sorry. Don’t know why would you prefer pure more of everything in the other (except Q10 extract. and mind that i’ve found Q10 is still found in the herbs) vs less in this.

  9. :

    Both versions are cool~~ I was so frightened when I injured my guy that I bought both and they both turned out okay~~ The consistence is close too~~

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