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Hey guys, the production of the dietary supplements has been discontinued due to low demand.

SR-Cream, uHeal, and uBreeze will be unaffected as they have been performing well.

We’d like to thank you for all the support over the years and assure you we are hard at work to continue to provide you other helpful products.

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Highly advanced, unique formula, designed to address nutritional lacks that may lead to repeated bodily malfunctions and sexual exhaustion related symptoms.

Additional Information


One (1) tablet.


For adult men, take one (1) tablet in the morning, preferably during meals.


No Gluten, No Yeast, No Wheat, No Milk or Milk Derivatives, No Lactose, No Sodium, No Egg, No Corn, No Grapefruit, No Sweeteners, No Starch, No Sugar, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor.


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    The best multivitamin at the best price hands down!

  2. :

    Using this one for 7 months now and don’t foresee me stopping anytime soon.

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    I have been taking this in combination with 2 others recommended on the site. Results have been satisfactory.

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    I’m currently taking this, Multi-Alpha and Alpha-Amino. Arrived in 5 days.

    Result wise I’d say is satisfactory. I used to measure the time it takes for my morning erection to go away and it’s almost doubled now. The wife can’t say if there’s a difference but I notice I feel at least 90% erect during sessions. I used to go to 70% and even losing it completely rarely. I’d conclude there’s definitely a boost there.

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    have been taking only this but in double the recommended dosage. after all i concluded it has so many things i need that i would just cut down on the other things ive been taking. so far so good, im feeling better than usual even without stopping my masturbation habits.

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    This has so much ingredients going for it that its just amazing!
    I found the package professional and the delivery fast.

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    This has done wonders for my sexual exhaustion-related symptoms. It should be the foundation of any recovery program.

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    Using this, Alpha-HGH, and Alpha-Boost. There is a positive effect and sometimes I feel really, really horny. Reminds me of my teen years actually.

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    Multi-Alpha and Alpha-HGH 1 hour before workouts ftw.

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    best multi vitamin out there

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    This has so much ingredients that I just order 3 and take triple the dosage. I’m kind of self conscious if it may be harmful taking that much over the recommended dosage but I haven’t noticed any problems yet so hopefully not.

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    it’s delightful to see how far this multivitamin went. i remember it from the first baby-steps with just 1/3 the ingredients it now has. boy, time sure flies by.

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    I adore the combination. It is so complex and diverse that I consider it a real bargain for the price. My son is even using it now since I don’t really want him to exhaust himself as his old man so we’re taking preventive measures.

    Needless to say I am satisfied and consider it with Alpha-Amino and Alpha-HGH the main contributors for my improved sexual condition.

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    this particular item screamed value to me and bought only it at first. very satisfied with how it turned out. increased libido, concentration, urine stream, lowered blood pressure – yes i actually measure it regularly, tightened alive feeling scrotum and overall lighter feeling.
    i then bought some more of the site’s products and they are pretty cool as well so 8/10 from me.

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    Wife really got worried when I failed to perform several times. We went to the doctor… yes – a rather embarrassing moment in my life and got prescribed the usual garbage… (cialis and levitra) that turned out to work actually 8_8, but only for a while and with some headaches 2 hours down the line each and every time. The funny thing is for a moment I actually thought it was worth it – headaches for a saved marriage.
    To cut to the chase .. yes, this product with 3 others (alpha hgh, alpha amino, and the fish oil) have absolutely done it for me. If I have to estimate the degree, I’d say they returned me to the sexual power I had at 35-40 yr (proudly 59 now). I don’t fool myself that it will be a long recovery and I have much more to do but it is the start I really needed.
    God Bless! Mr. Brown

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    Love this it is the best it has everthing you need and more and what a good deal but you only need to take 1 and you are all set. It works great helps your skin and keeps you from getting sick and healthy and helps muscle growth. Most importantly skyrocketed my libido and eq.

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    These suckers are so large it makes getting it down a bit difficult….I had to take with a little snack in order from upsetting my stomach. Seemed to work well.

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    I love this multivitamin so much I tried taking 3 per day. Didn’t really notice any difference except for pee becoming green color because you cant absorb the excess vitamins.

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    This is by far-far my favorite. I have rarely noticed any differences with the usual multivits before but with MA i have actually noticed differences in skin tone, libido, recovery from training and more minor ones. I take one post-workout / masturbation and before bed.. it’s just how i have gotten used to and see the optimal results.

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    been going clubbing lately and always bring a pill with me. gets me more horny and whats more important gets me a half assed erection even when im shit ass drunk.
    how it usually goes is party like an animal w/h my buddies and when i feel i have a chance to tap some sweet ass take one or two of these babies. even a semi decent erection is enough for me when i’m drunk so no complaints.

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    I just ordered a third bottle of this. On this one both my wife and I noticed appetite stabilization. We’ve been going to town with food lately and generally felt hungry most of the time. About a week or two after taking these we noticed we needed reasonable amounts of food and didn’t feel that hungry all the time anymore. She already lost some excessive weight and we’re loving it! I believe it has improved our blood sugar in addition to just providing us with all the vital nutrients. Definitely loving it so far!

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    what i personally found out is that if you just want the boost in libido without taking care of any pe or other sexual exhaustion problems it works best with alpha boost and alpha hgh taken together. this combo will make you a sex craving animal. it’s out of balance but i absolutely adore it especially when i know i will be getting action…. and then i just completely destroy girls.
    once i made a girl cry after fucking her in the ass-mouth for at least a full hour…i still remember her admiring expression afterwards.

  23. :

    Definitely in my TOP3 of all the supplements anywhere ever. It just has so much going on for it ,really nice.
    Ive gone to 2 and even 3 babies on the weekends for that extra boost and it never fails to deliver.

  24. :

    It’s really difficult to explain how much it helped me with so many of my symptoms. To me this is close to a miracle formula that can have a very notable positive impact even by itself.

  25. :

    my g-to-the-f tried half and became horny :xx

    conclusion level 101: nice round tablets.

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    My problem was that after I ejaculate I noticed I would lose my confidence for about 5 to 10 hours#. It was a major problem for me because when I have sex with my girlfriend I need to go to tthe university and want to be at my best mood and confidence there#.
    It was and still is hard to explain it to my gf so I started taking some multivitamins from here and have noticed that especially this one and the one called Alpha Amino are helping me much#.
    After I ejaculate after sex I immediately take 2 Alpha Aminos and 1 or 2 MUlti Alpha depending on long and draining was the act#-. What I notice is that after I take them my confidence returns in about 1:30 – 2 hours which is a vast improvement. Currently I also started adding the purified Fish Oil to the mix and so far so good.

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    Great vitamins and many other ingredients. I would definitely score it at least 9/10 after taking it for about 2 months. It goes well on its own and in combinations with other stuff.

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    only positives here* at first it was strange because it actually increased my appetite – not for junk food though, but for things like fruits and vegetables *
    i thought about this effect and came to the conclusion that it somehow helped my body properly tell me what i actually need to eat and what vitamins are lacking from my sistem. it probably fixed my insulin and blood sugar levels which were clouding my body’s actual needs.. so i didn’t feel the need to eat bread and hardcore sugars anymore.
    i’m not sure if i explained it properly.

  29. :

    severe insomnia and dark eyes circles caused by overmasturbation here.

    it is no joke that it may cause it and i have noticed that after each masturbation session i tend to sleeep a bit harder if i resist the initial drowsing period. my dark eye circles started appearing about 2 years after my insomnia problems started, and they started after i started masturbating extensively. councidence? i dont think so.

    to fast forward i started taking a combination of multi alpha, alpha amino, grb6 gaba, l-tryptophan, purified fish oil and it made me sleep like a baby right off the bat!! not only that but after about 15 days my dark eye circles started becoming a but lighter – something i didnt think was possible!!! i feel more calm and concentrated.. and even more energetic if it makes sense.. but pleasantly energetic, not erratic i used to be.

    thank you for everything youve done for me kind sirs and i support this combination very much!

  30. :

    in a combination with alpha hgh:

    increased energy
    increased libido
    increased confidence and calmness
    increased strength
    increased mental power
    increased skin elasticity
    increased semen volume
    improved hair and nail health
    and improved vision and the ability to see in the dark

  31. :

    Multi-Alpha is by far my favorite Multi-Vitamin.. It’s just amazing.. It’s curbs all the fatigue and promotes so much better mood. I recommend using it to get rid of Sexual Exhaustion or just for the overall well being.

    One suggestion I’d like to add is, It would be amazing if Astaxanthin was also added to the combination.

  32. :

    The most complete multi vitamin I’ve ever seen in my life. What’s more amazing is the objective health improvements I experienced after taking it for just 23 days. A big thank you and take care.

  33. :

    What can I add that hasn’t already been said? I have been taking this multivitamin formula for a full year and it is the best multivitamin I have ever used in my life, ever, by far.

    I recommend it to practically anybody.

  34. :

    Absolutely amazing! I’ve been taking this with Alpha-Amino, Ultra Purified Fish Oil and some other supplements which is literally curing, not treating, curing a terrible injury I was suffering with for 4 years. I eventually gave up visiting Urologists in the end. Thank God for this site and Dr Richards and Shawn and all the people at the manufacturing companies. If you have any injury in this area, it will start itching/burning/tingling only after a few days of taking them, which gets more intense over time but is still a very pleasurable sensation – especially psychologically because this is the healing taking place. FINALLY! Amazingly, even other injuries in completely separate parts of your body you didnt even know you had will start tingling and healing. Coz your body finally has everything it needs to kick start the super healing process! Also, I experienced my first spontaneous erection in 4-5 years just from looking at this girl at the gym. Lol. So pleased and happy. As far as I’m concerned, these are the best, highest quality supplements on the planet. Thank you so much :]

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