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Hey guys, the production of the dietary supplements has been discontinued due to low demand.

SR-Cream, uHeal, and uBreeze will be unaffected as they have been performing well.

We’d like to thank you for all the support over the years and assure you we are hard at work to continue to provide you other helpful products.

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Extensive description, featuring origin, extraction, and quality control (here).
Extensive list of health benefits (here).

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One (1) capsule.


For adult men, take one (1) tablet before bedtime.


No Gluten, No Yeast, No Wheat, No Milk or Milk Derivatives, No Lactose, No Sodium, No Egg, No Corn, No Grapefruit, No Fish, No Sweetener, No Starch, No Sugar, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Preservatives.


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    I’ve tried both GABA6 and GABA7 and this is just not as good imho.

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    I’m a huge fan of the old tablet version. This one is not doing it for me, sorry.

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    this really eased my mind and i’m not thinkin i’m going to die of heart attack soon. it didn’t do much for my excessive startling sensation when i meet people i know but i guess you can’t have it all.

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    Great stuff and fast delivery.

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    I have tried both versions of this product and the tablet one.

    I strongly disagree with the statements made before me and personally find this to be the better version.I even bought both of them to just flat out compare the effects. The difference I seem to experience are mainly in the awareness feeling that I get.The grb6-gaba seems to make me more concentrated and aware of my surroundings while grb7-gaba has more of a mind-easing sensation related to it.They both have been great for my anxiety – that’s a given.

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    I have been using this formula for almost 7 months now. It works, obviously since I’ve been using it for months. I sure would have liked it to improve my condition more dramatically but I understand there’s no magic pill yet. All in all it’s good.

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    I love this as soon as I started taking it my anxiety has gotten way better

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    Respect for this product as it helped ease some of my young daughter debilitating anxiety. I know it’s presumably for men but we were trying everything.
    She is still having severe problems though so don’t think it’s a miracle pill.

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    Can I mix this with grb7-gaba? I can’t really decide if I should purchase this or the other and maybe taking them both or even half of both will be the smart idea here?

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    notable decrease in my social anxiety and OCD for about 20 days of using it. really pleased with the results.

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    “Harley” I am taking both depending on how I feel cause it seems they have slightly different effects. I do mix them sometimes and haven’t had any problems although admittedly goes over the recommended dosage. As for the other possibility of mixing 1/2 + 1/2 that you mentioned I’d guess that you won’t have problems with it either.

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    Took it for my anxiety but actually helped me with my home dust allergy. Go figure but very happy with the unexpected result!

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    i used to drink extensively to calm my nerves and do find this particular one to have similar calming effects actually… without any of the side ones like being dizzy or having any sort of hangover.. on the contrary in fact i am more clear minded —i think— sooo its been very efficient for the almost a month i take it.

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    i have been suffering from general anxiety which as you can imagine gets much worse when i have to perform or even think of things that may promote it. thus i was a virgin for a long time.. even unable to go to a prostitute ou t of performance anxiety (yes..) and std anxiety.

    what i found out was that the tryptophan and this gaba in particular give me periods of decreased anxiety.. about 4 to 6 hours. this is major because i used these periods to do something constructive and even had sex yesterday and actually performed pretty averagely which is major for me!!

    thank you!

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    i have to admit my concerns lied with it not being effective at all or even worse and my just being a fool that gave 20 bucks to try buut you can feel the calming effects.
    good thing i gave it a try and i came to write this comment. thanks for the store credit too!

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    Definitely boosted my confidence!
    Improved things you don’t really notice when they are not there like little anxieties and uneasy feeling around others. You just realize they are not there anymore one day.

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    Find it very nice for relaxation. I have found that it calms my muscles after heavy workouts too. I now use it after workouts more often than not as I personally found it better.

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    GABA6 is one of my fav supps out there. i take it 35-40 min prior to bed on an empty stomach. lately i’ve been taking it w/alkaline glutamine and z-core pm. i take it for the claimed increased GH release and fat loss. i also take it cos it relaxes me.

    i take around 1000 mg but up to 2000mg when i feel extra jittery. sometimes it makes me a bit sleepy which is ideal as i take it before sleep. the sleep itself iss very refreshing if i it had made me sleepy right before.

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    Astonishingly effective in decreasing anxiety levels and increasing concentration.
    I suffer from anxiety ever since I can remember and the GRB6GABA right here is a life saver for me.
    If I have to talk numbers I’d say generalized anxiety decreased by 60% – making me almost normal, and concentration increased by 50% – making me able to read articles without my overdrive-skipping-lines mode.

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    so i have been taking this for about 2 and a half months along with 5htp nettle. my main problem was the severe premature ejaculation i had.

    the first 2 or 3 weeks i saw some improvement at the rate of a 15 or 30 seconds longer per week, which was huge because i used to ejaculate within second literally. :|

    now after roughly 45 days i am able to hold it for about 3,4 minutes.

    as far as i am concerned it definitely works.
    i hope i can get it up to 30 minutes and when that happens i will probably call it a jobe well done.

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    Before sexual exhaustion,i used to be envied for my focus and memory,now after each masturbation i’m a mess.

    Worse is I can’t remember stuff and it takes me more than half an hour to learn a dam paragraph of few lines still. My focus is so weak it has affected my whole life, even with the sports football teeam. Stress handling is bad, i mean bad….anxiety of even talkinmg to some people and beautiful girls.

    The two products that improve my condition on a regular basis are grb6gaba and l-tryptophan. That’s it. I wish the effect was permanent but i lose it in 4 hours or something in those lines. It’s still something don’t get me wrong.

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    I can definitely see my life in a perspective after taking some of this + the 5htp-nettle. I don’t know what it is but they make me see things much more clearly.. it’s a combination of a clear mind and improved concentration. I then wonder wtf was I even nervous about some of the things I used to be nervous about in the past. For instance, I used to suffer from extreme performance anxiety and this combo cured me almost on 100%.

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    severe insomnia and dark eyes circles caused by overmasturbation here.

    it is no joke that it may cause it and i have noticed that after each masturbation session i tend to sleeep a bit harder if i resist the initial drowsing period. my dark eye circles started appearing about 2 years after my insomnia problems started, and they started after i started masturbating extensively. councidence? i dont think so.

    to fast forward i started taking a combination of multi alpha, alpha amino, grb6 gaba, l-tryptophan, purified fish oil and it made me sleep like a baby right off the bat!! not only that but after about 15 days my dark eye circles started becoming lighter – something i didnt think was possible!!! i feel more calm and concentrated.. and even more energetic if it makes sense.. but pleasantly energetic, not erratic i used to be.

    thank you for everything youve done for me kind sirs and i support this combination very much!

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    a really cool product. have been taking it for about 2 months. saw results in 2 weeks which i guess is more than most of the people report but better late than never.
    the good news is that i’m calmer even if i skip taking it for a day or two. i really hope it to lastingly improve my nervous system.

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    An Amazing Product, I’ve been using it for around 15 days and it has decreased my Anxiety to 50% or more. I plan on taking it until I’ve perfectly addressed my GABA-Serotonin issues on inflammation & Anxiety.

    Trust me GRB6-GABA & 5HTP-Nettle are worth the money. I plan on trying GRB7-GABA Soon!

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    Great stuff. Very pleased with the results myself when combined with 5HTP-Nettle. Made me much calmer yet clear minded, it’s difficult to explain but the feeling is awesome. No more running jittery eyes for me. I’m able to look respectable and steady in public.
    Thank you very much!

  27. :

    Great for confidence boost. A guy mentioned that it works well as alcohol but without any of drawbacks and I concur. Made me silly confident and at the same time clear minded. It really shows when you look people straight in the eye and are fully present and concentrated without your eyes wandering around=
    Guys and girls like me 100 times more now. I really believe this unexpected surge of confidence changed the whole energy around me. Yesterday we went to a club, we were 8 guys but the manager came exclusively to me to talk about what places were available. Ppl seem drawed to me somehow now. Arguable the best single product here for anxiety and low confidence.

  28. :

    Good stuff. I’m currently using it as many guys together with 5HTP-Nettle and it does calm me down significantly. If I have to go in percentages that would be 70 – 75%.. still some anxiety is present as expected but what gets me enthusiastic is the improvement over the last few months. Take care.

  29. :

    Great supplement. You can feel the effects within minutes. Very calming effect. It combines beautifully with GRB6-GABA which is optimum before bed and then you sleep lovely. It used to take me like 2 hours every night to get to sleep – I’m generally quite a deep thinker and it comes alive at night when I’m bed haha – but after taking these two combined I’m asleep within 10 mins max. Anyway, these products are great for naturally correcting the intricate things on a molecular level in your brain – great stuff!

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