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Extensive description, featuring origin, extraction, and quality control (here).
Extensive list of health benefits (here).

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Serving Size

One (1) capsule.


For adult men, take one (1) capsule, preferably with meals in the morning.


No Gluten, No Yeast, No Wheat, No Milk or Milk Derivatives, No Lactose, No Sodium, No Soy, No Egg, No Corn, No Grapefruit, No Fish, No Sweetener, No Starch, No Sugar, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Preservatives.


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    alpha-HGH and the sr-cream have done well for my injury and believe me – i’ve tried countless “solutions”.

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    This is the only product I still use after 10 months and much progress. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

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    I have been taking this in combination with 2 others recommended on the site. Results have been satisfactory.

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    some positive effects but nothing too major

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    I have to admit I’ve tried buying and mixing the both ingredients of this product separately but I don’t get the same effect at all. I don’t know if the molecules here are somehow interconnected but it is just great.

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    i have been using this for 10 days. the energy is higher, i have tingling sensation in the testicles – what i used to have during my teenage years, the hair is notably not so dry, the night erections returned 3 days ago. that’s about it for now.

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    Always noticed a boost in athletic performance when taking it. Combined with certain lifestyle changes, I grew one inch over a year!

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    Using this, Multi-Alpha, and Alpha-Boost. There is a positive effect and sometimes I feel really, really horny. Reminds me of my teen years actually.

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    Multi-Alpha and Alpha-HGH 1 hour before workouts ftw.

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    Less hand trembling after workouts is what I noticed after taking this and the ultra purified fish oil for 2 weeks or so. I’m not really sure if it’s related but that’s it for now.

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    I feel fairly satisfied with this one and have been using it for 3 months.
    It’s a good product and it goes very well with the SR-Cream and Multi-Alpha, at least in my experience.
    I don’t really have more to say. I hope it hasn’t been too short of a review.

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    To be fair I’m taking 4 other things with this but i think the effects are very positive.

    Yesterday went for a jogging and i usually have this throat tighting sensation when i overdo it (i suspect its overtraining symptom grade 1) but i flat out didn’t get it. I had energy to continue but out of cautiousness stopped.


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    works the wonders and tightened my neck skin. i’m fairly certain it’s because it increased my hgh but my skin is much shinier and i didn’t even take it for that effect ahxh.

    libido is the bomb, concentration is much increased to testify my highscore on flappy bird that was doubled and it really works well.

    50 cents.

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    I had problems with overtraining in the past with whole months lost due to the need to rest. Also due to the overtraining I have suffered of low libido and electrolyte imbalances which I addressed from many places.

    I have taken this particular product and the one called L-Arginine and did find my energy levels and libido improved in days. The libido is crawling to a full restoration hopefully.

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    best stuff for hgh ever. makes my skin shiny and tight, my balls tight and ready and my perception to sexual stimulation increased twofold.

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    Wife really got worried when I failed to perform several times. We went to the doctor… yes – a rather embarrassing moment in my life and got prescribed the usual garbage… (cialis and levitra) that turned out to work actually 8_8, but only for a while and with some headaches 2 hours down the line each and every time. The funny thing is for a moment I actually thought it was worth it – headaches for a saved marriage.
    To cut to the chase .. yes, this amino acid combination with 3 others (alpha amino, multi alpha, and the fish oil) have absolutely done it for me. If I have to estimate the degree, I’d say they returned me to the sexual power I had at 35-40 yr (proudly 59 now). I don’t fool myself that it will be a long recovery and I have much more to do but it is the start I really needed.
    God Bless! Mr. Brown

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    Man these hGH boosts are absolutely crazy!! You can really feel your youth pumping in your veins as you get that random bursts of power and teeth clenching!! Libido goes off the roof and I swear I’m ready to screw even ugly women! Absolutely great pill!

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    what i personally found out is that if you just want the boost in libido without taking care of any pe or other sexual exhaustion problems it works best with alpha boost and multi alpha taken together. this combo will make you a sex craving animal. it’s out of balance but i absolutely adore it especially when i know i will be getting action…. and then i just completely destroy girls.
    once i made a girl cry after fucking her in the ass-mouth for at least a full hour…i still remember her admiring expression afterwards.

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    hi, you can ask the user JRC (alpha hgh) the following questions:
    -for the increase in height how many tablets of alpha hgh taking a day?
    -always took these tablets before training athlete?
    -that sport practiced while taking these tablets?
    -how old were you when you got the increase in height of one inch?
    -diet that followed?
    -how many times a week did you train?

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    I always get these bursts of incontrollable energy when I have my hGH high, at least that’s what I presume.

    For instance when I run I may get them, or when I’m in the bath or under the sun. I used to get tons of these when I was in my teen years. It was my defaujt state in fact.

    Recent years I almoist lost them but this particular product really brings them back! I’m almost certain it’s the hGH high I get! Not only this but I do feel much younger in a sense… my face skin tightened and other signs for example.

  21. :

    This is JRC answering the question about the height increase of one inch.

    To gain the inch, I implemented a program designed by Dr. Richards. I was 23 at the time. The program was designed to emulate my teen biochemistry for a height increase and cure me from sexual exhaustion. For the first few months, I did a 5 minute cardio warmup followed by a 20 minute lifting session followed by a 20 minute light running session followed by a cold shower. After 3 months of this, I switched to this workout plan:

    “Weightlifting – 4 times a week (20 to 40 minutes) with a 5 minute cardio exercises to warm up. Should be feeling neutral and slightly tired at the end.

    Running – 4 times a week, preferably not the weightlifting days (20 to 40 minutes). Feeling short bursts of energy. 80% to 90% of the maximum heart rate sustained for 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of 60%.

    Random Stationary Bicycle sessions at home are extremely beneficial (20-60 minutes). Should be feeling constant bursts of energy. 80-90% of the maximum heart rate sustained for 5 minutes, followed by 60% for another 5.”

    I followed the last workout of the day with a ten minute cold shower. He also gave this advice:

    “Best time to exercise would be 8:00 – 13:00. Bear in mind that as you improve you may have to add random 20 to 40 minute sessions throughout the day (stationary bicycle while watching TV for instance).”

    By the end of the 8th month, I was exercising three times per day. I followed this advice:

    “It’s always a good idea to arrange Alpha-Amino (after exercise), Multi-Alpha (after exercise), Alpha-HGH (prior and after), Vitamin C with Rose Hips (GNC) (after). The others are Ultra-Purified-FishOil throughout the day, GRB6-GABA (can try 1 in the morning before exercise and observe the effect) same goes for Griffonia Simplicifolia -5HTP.”

    The doses I took were the maximum amount listed on the bottle, with the exception of fish oil (2 per day).

    Note: the GRB6-GABA and Griffonia Simplicifolia -5HTP were slowly discontinued during the first three months as my anxiety from the sexual exhaustion was diminished.

    I went for massages every two weeks on average.

    I also followed Dr. Richards advice to:

    “Avoid eating foods that have stayed too much in a plastic containers to avoid any estrogen analog floods in your system.
    Filter your water to avoid chlorine and fluoride mainly.
    Purify your air.
    Avoid eating meat and milk filled with artificial hormones.
    Avoid soy if you can.
    Avoid genetically modified foods at all costs.
    Avoid drinking much high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, and refined sugars as a plague.”

    I followed a whole food diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

    It was also important to regulate ejaculation frequency according to my health. I started out at once per week and at the end of the program I was at once every other day.

    Hope that this was helpful!


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    The big winner for me. I don’t know why it works for me but this is the only supplement that makes me feel alive and full of energy and libido.
    I tried taking the same ingredients separately and it is just not the same. I tried taking similar product from other places and is not the same again.
    A definite recommend here.

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    You really wont find better supplement to increase your hgh. Believe me, I have tried many, many, many but this product right here remains my personal favorite. And I say this as a guy who’s been using it on and off for 2 years. I swear it’s even getting better now. A natural HGH high is always welcome () the health benefits and the feeling is pure youth.

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    I dont know what it is! I dont care what it is but it works absolutely 100 % for me!! Makes me feel alive and horny all the time! Libido off the charts after I take this and the effect continue for a good 12 – 18 hours and even after that but halved for at least another 24 – 72 hours!! My skin, hair, nails, everything feels younger, more elastic, and stronger… not to mention my cock!!
    This is the real deal for me and I have no problem recommending it to anybody! Thanks!

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    in a combination with multi alpha:

    increased energy
    increased libido
    increased confidence and calmness
    increased strength
    increased mental power
    increased skin elasticity
    increased semen volume
    improved hair and nail health
    and improved vision and the ability to see in the dark

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    works well in a combo with multi alpha, alpha amino, and ultra purified fish oil. in a few months almost doubled my t levels as well as other very noticeable improvements on sexual and mental capabilities.

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