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Hey guys, the production of the dietary supplements has been discontinued due to low demand.

SR-Cream, uHeal, and uBreeze will be unaffected as they have been performing well.

We’d like to thank you for all the support over the years and assure you we are hard at work to continue to provide you other helpful products.

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Highly advanced, unique amino-acid formula, featuring 19 vital amino acids (including all the essential 9) to restore proper organism functioning.

Additional Information


Two (2) tablets.


For adult men, take two (2) tablets immediately after exercise or throughout the day, preferably on an empty stomach.


No Yeast, No Wheat, No Milk or Milk Derivatives, No Lactose, No Sodium, No Corn, No Grapefruit, No Sweetener, No Starch, No Sugar, No Artificial Color, No Artificial Flavor, No Preservatives.


  1. :

    I’ve noticed only positives ever since using it.

  2. :

    I have been taking this in combination with 2 others recommended on the site. Results have been satisfactory.

  3. :

    I’m currently taking this, Multi-Alpha and Alpha-Amino. Arrived in 5 days.

    Result wise I’d say is satisfactory. I used to measure the time it takes for my morning erection to go away and it’s almost doubled now. The wife can’t say if there’s a difference but I notice I feel at least 90% erect during sessions. I used to go to 70% and even losing it completely rarely. I’d conclude there’s definitely a boost there.

  4. :

    I really appreciate the formula. A regular customer since early 2012 and it has changed 1 time if i recall correctly, for the better.

    One time the package failed to arrive for unknown reasons but they sent another one for free, so really happy with the service as well.

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    really great combination for the price. have been using it for three months and will continue to do so.
    what almost completely disappeared is the strange left hand twitching and trembling i had but can’t really tell if this is what made the difference.
    other possible contributions to improvements were to: better sleep, refreshed feeling, improved erection quality, diminished sudden rashes primarily on my neck and improved hair and nail quality.

  6. :

    Great product. I took this with other products and was cured of chronic anxiety and a laundry list of other SE symptoms.

  7. :

    Works wonders before and after workouts. Taking double the recommended dosage and still alive and kicking :d

  8. :

    Satisfying delivery and well anonymous. My wife started using it too which is kind of funny. She seems content with the effects.

  9. :

    many amino acids in one place. i deem it convenient.

  10. :

    + 1
    It’s a fine stuff but I wish they had a powdered version. It seems more convenient for me to mix it in my shaker and just drink it gradually during workouts.

  11. :

    it is this and multi alpha i still can’t go on without if i want to have satisfying erections throughout the day. the new cream is also bonering me and i use but these two improve my perception of the things.

  12. :

    Fast delivery. Nice touch with the logo on the packaging. I’m also fairly convinced you can tell the difference after several days.
    Take care you all.

  13. :

    I found by accident that I have a condition called adrenal fatigue. Several tests confirmed it even though it’s not an official condition per se. The major symptom was an extreme tiredness and difficulty even breathing properly. I did use this and other supplements from other stores, mainly fish oils and amino acids, some vitamins as well.

    I can say that after a month of drinking them and staying put (because I also suspected overtraining syndrome) I am MUCH MUCH MUCH better. I can’t emphasize enough on the much .

    The breathing difficulties were to first to disappear in about 2 weeks. The tiredness lessened but was still what I can define as extreme. In about 2 more weeks it was less and the condition keeps improving ever since.

    Thank you very much for the great products!! You truly do the world a favor.

  14. :

    Currently use this and one more amino acid combos. Helped me deal with my malnutrition (used to eat only junk food which are basically empty calories almost without any nutritional value) and already see the results (3 months later). They are quite obvious and 100% positive are not in my head as many “specialists” may try to suggest.
    So overall very nice product.

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    Wife really got worried when I failed to perform several times. We went to the doctor… yes – a rather embarrassing moment in my life and got prescribed the usual garbage… (cialis and levitra) that turned out to work actually 8_8, but only for a while and with some headaches 2 hours down the line each and every time. The funny thing is for a moment I actually thought it was worth it – headaches for a saved marriage.
    To cut to the chase .. yes, this amino acid combination with 3 others (alpha hgh, multi alpha, and the fish oil) have absolutely done it for me. If I have to estimate the degree, I’d say they returned me to the sexual power I had at 35-40 yr (proudly 59 now). I don’t fool myself that it will be a long recovery and I have much more to do but it is the start I really needed.
    God Bless! Mr. Brown

  16. :

    Taking it 4 days (received it 5 days ago). I only bought it and Arctics so can’t say if it is only the one or the other but the effects are quite apparent erection and brain-mood-feeling wise. + from me.

  17. :

    Husband love them with a passion! Feels more energy!

  18. :

    pretty sup combo of basically all the amino acids out there. one has to wonder why only 2 tablets per day when you can have more and still be quite healthy and all.
    i myself am taking 3 and even 4 the days i have masturbated or when i notice i feel weak and more jittery than usual and it also works wonders with other separate combinations of some i give accent to.

  19. :

    I like it) seems to be a really good quality amino complex. Smooth tablets all nice. Hope it will not annoy me))

  20. :

    one of the few products I have used that I in fact feel much better after taking. I used to have severe joint pains that would frequently make me skip training days. Once I started taking these amino acids with two other products [multi alpha and alpha hgh] i felt little to no pain or even slight discomfort.

  21. :

    excellent supplement helps with PE and erection strength. I use also alpha hgh and fish oil on side and combo is awesome.

  22. :

    As in all products here i find it works . I use it for portability and quality. Its much easier take precisely weighted tablets than powders of any kind. The amino acid content is also extremely nice for similar tablets cause normally you need to take 10 times as much powder for similar amounts of amino acids. Nice addition to my supplement arsenal i have noticed an increase in libido, erection, calmness, muscle mass, and many more minor things.

  23. :

    I was self diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency which was later confirmed by different specialists.
    The major symptom was severe fatigue and tiredness to the point of not being able to function outside of home properly.
    Such extreme fatigue is hard to describe but lets say I was unable to walk faster than a couple of steps per 5-10 seconds. Many supplements from this store and some from the local pharmacies and tremendous amounts of rest and here I am much better.
    I have been taking Alpha-Amino for 10 months and it has definitely rejuvenated my shot system in ways that are difficult to describe. It’s like taking a restoration pill.
    Other supplements were great too but I value Alpha-Amino and Multi-Alpha the most.

  24. :

    I personally love the completeness of the amino acid blend. Wouldn’t trade it for any other.

  25. :

    feeling very good and clear minded after taking cousin strated and said it they are very good too and he has tons of experience with different supplements so i value his opp. very much

  26. :

    I was suffering from extreme premature ejaculation from age 16 or 17. To this day I’m unsure how I developed it since I clearly remember I was symptom free my first sexual attempts – including a girl making me a blowjob and me not cumming prematurely or having the desire to. Strangely enough the amino acid combo seems very good for it, naturally I also take the GRB6GABA and the 5HTP but if I miss a dose of Amino I can really feel it has effect on my physical state and capabilities.

  27. :

    My problem was that after I ejaculate I noticed I would lose my confidence for about 5 to 10 hours#. It was a major problem for me because when I have sex with my girlfriend I need to go to tthe university and want to be at my best mood and confidence there#.
    It was and still is hard to explain it to my gf so I started taking some multivitamins from here and have noticed that especially this one and the one called Multi Alpha are helping me much#.
    After I ejaculate after sex I immediately take 2 Alpha Aminos and 1 or 2 Multi ALpha depending on long and draining was the act#. What I notice is that after I take them my confidence returns in about 1:30 – 2 hours which is a vast improvement. Currently I also started adding the purified Fish Oil to the mix and so far so good#.

  28. :

    thorougly enjoying the combination of amino acids. it improved my sleep the first night i took it, other positives include:

    balanced mood
    more energy
    loss of excessive weight (didnt expect that but very pleased)
    my hair is slicker definitely
    better erections
    better concentration
    and my eyes actually do not get that red from my monitor (didnt expect that but it is a welcome positive)

    there are some other cool things too. all in all very good.

  29. :

    severe insomnia and dark eyes circles caused by overmasturbation here.

    it is no joke that it may cause it and i have noticed that after each masturbation session i tend to sleeep a bit harder if i resist the initial drowsing period. my dark eye circles started appearing about 2 years after my insomnia problems started, and they started after i started masturbating extensively. councidence? i dont think so.

    to fast forward i started taking a combination of multi alpha, alpha amino, grb6 gaba, l-tryptophan, purified fish oil and it made me sleep like a baby right off the bat!! not only that but after about 15 days my dark eye circles started becoming lighter – something i didnt think was possible!!! i feel more calm and concentrated.. and even more energetic if it makes sense.. but pleasantly energetic, not erratic i used to be.

    thank you for everything youve done for me kind sirs and i support this combination very much!

  30. :

    I don’t really know how this combination of amino acid works but it is something that has increased my energy and wellbeing by at least 50%. It’s ridiculous if you think about how 2 pills of amino acids can restore your health but that is what happened.

    I believe I hay have been overtraining and that is why this formula was extra useful for me but all I know is that the next day after takin 3 pills I had my clear mind and energy back. It has been so ever since, in the gym I started lifting at least 20% heavier weights without a problem. Started masturbating more (I don’t know if that’s good but I feel much better even masturbation now).


  31. :

    Helped me so much in terms of balanced energy output and overall balanced feeling inside. It really shows with people and women sense it right away. I have more sexy “glances” and one girl even asked me out. They are really like radars.
    The positive effects became apparent on day 4 to 7, took some time to get a bit saturated I guess.
    A very high quality amino acid combination I will continue using for much time to come. Thank you.

  32. :

    This is an amazing Amino acid combination, I’ve tried others in the past and they all were pretty bad to my stomach but Alpha-Amino never disappoints me.

    I’ve been taking it for over a month and have had positive effects on my fatigue and just overall well being.

  33. :

    Best amino acid combination out there hands down. And this comes from a man that has tried at least 10 of the best combos out there. I’ve been taking double the recommended dosage and works even better.

  34. :

    Have been taking this combination for over 10 months and can only say positive things about it. Value-wise is absolutely great and provides every amino acid a guy can need.

  35. :

    Absolutely amazing! I’ve been taking this with Alpha-Amino, Ultra Purified Fish Oil and some other supplements which is literally curing, not treating, curing a terrible injury I was suffering with for 4 years. I eventually gave up visiting Urologists in the end. Thank God for this site and Dr Richards and Shawn and all the people at the manufacturing companies. If you have any injury in this area, it will start itching/burning/tingling only after a few days of taking them, which gets more intense over time but is still a very pleasurable sensation – especially psychologically because this is the healing taking place. FINALLY! Amazingly, even other injuries in completely separate parts of your body you didnt even know you had will start tingling and healing. Coz your body finally has everything it needs to kick start the super healing process! Also, I experienced my first spontaneous erection in 4-5 years just from looking at this girl at the gym. Lol. So pleased and happy. As far as I’m concerned, these are the best, highest quality supplements on the planet. Thank you so much :]

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