Vitamin_CVitamin C

White, powdered, vitamin.
Precursors and biosynthesis made in UK.
Biosynthesis & Extraction
Extracted from acerola cherries.
Quality Control
The cherries are monitored during the growing process, and are gathered when the color reveals their peak vitamin C content. Once the vitamin C content is verified, they are stored at temperatures just above freezing to preserve their vital nutrients. The acerola cherries are gently concentrated in a cold, water-only liquid extraction process where the vitamin C content is confirmed again. No alcohol or other chemical solvents are used in the acerola extraction process. After extraction, the acerola liquid is concentrated in a cold-concentration vacuum process. And, once again, the vitamin C content is tested and verified. Organic manioc root is added to the acerola cherry liquid and acts as a natural microencapsulation material to further stabilize and protect the vitamin C content. The acerola and manioc root mixture is dried in a well-controlled, low-temperature vacuum, then the Vitamin C content is tested and verified one last time. All these operations ensure that we provide 100% natural vitamin C that includes naturally-occurring whole-food bioflavonoids, anthocyanins and other essential co-factors. It includes no genetically-modified materials and no added ascorbic acid.