L-Glutamine | Health Benefits


Immune System
This amazing amino acid provides the nitrogen that is necessary for proper lymphocyte function, making it an important supplement for those individuals with immune issues. Moreover, by increasing the output of white blood cells, it has been shown to reduce the rate of sickness in athletes when taken directly after a workout.
Brain Health
Due to its ability to cross the blood brain barrier,L-glutamine is a wonderful way of providing glutamic acid to the brain. Glutamic acid in the brain is used as fuel (the only other substance the brain uses for fuel is glucose). Glutamic acid also has the ability to pick up ammonia molecules in the body and convert them to glutamine. A shortage of glutamic acid, therefore, can slightly impair proper brain functioning, leading to numerous symptoms, such as lack of concentration, lack of motivation, blurry thought patterns, etc.
Mental Health
Glutamine supplements balance out moods swings and negative feelings that can be brought about by depression. It works in the body to make sure that the nervous system is functioning properly, and even when it is, a positive effect that occurs is the removal of toxic wastes from the body to additionally improve upon the functioning of the nervous system.
Glutamine provides cells in the digestive tract with a vital source of energy that is required for regulating their production. Its role in strengthening the gut lining is well known. There are digestion issues and upsets that can actually damage the lining of your digestive tract, and this is something that glutamine has been shown to work on. By repairing this liner, you’ll not only see an improvement in the bowel movements you’re having, but you’ll also notice that more nutrients and vitamins in your diet are being absorbed as a result. Glutamine also helps water absorption in the gut, aiding in hydrating the whole body – certainly a necessary component for good health. What is lesser known is that glutamine also plays a role in the health of the pancreas, liver, mouth and esophagus. The function of all of these parts will impact digestion and therefore the health of your gut.
Blood Glucose Levels
There have been studies that show that glutamine works to help treat the challenges one faces with diabetes, helping the body to do proper glucose utilization, which will keep blood sugar levels intact and will stabilize the levels if one already has diabetes.
L-Glutamine has been additionally used to treat:
* Sickle cell anemia
* Alcoholism
* Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
* Insomnia