Delivery Delays Extending To January 2018

Hey guys, the International Postal Services were still somewhat overburdened due to the package influx during the holiday season, and now the cold snowy weather across North America and Europe (since January 4th 2018) has led to thousands of flights being cancelled with predictions to last until January 20th or so.

For more on that:

This means that packages that were meant to arrive on January 4th 2018 could actually be delayed by two weeks or more and end up arriving around January 20th 2018, which is quite a bit. Moreover, this delay will inevitably reflect on orders that will be accepted after the situation has been normalized as the postal services will have to then first distribute the huge amounts of piled up delayed packages before getting to the new ones.

What to expect for orders that have been shipped?

United States
“Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment” status not being updated within the site for several+ business days.

Packages to USA usually go through several European checkpoints that are not shown on the tracking, during which time (usually several business days) if you take a look at the status of the item will be “Origin Post Is Preparing Shipment”. Once it arrives, the status of the package will update to “Arrived at USPS Facility” after which it only takes a few days to arrive at its final destination (with detailed tracking).

United Kingdom
UK is fully able to full track the packages at

The rest of the world
Online tracking is always available as far as the country forwarder goes (at Once it leaves the country, it all depends on the recipient’s local postal services ability to track the item online.

What can we do?

We are usually keeping an eye on all the orders we process and ship. If we see a package getting delayed we call the local postal services in an attempt to speed things up.

You are also always welcome to contact us, guys. We are always happy to hear from you and see what we can do to be of assistance. Emails are answered within 24 business hours (be sure to check out your spam folder if you haven’t heard from us, as some messages could occasionally be placed there).

There are a few things that we are happy to do to make up for such shipping delays. The first thing is to refund the shipping costs if the order exceeds the mentioned time frame (5-15 business days). We then proceed to refund 10% of the cost of the order for each week on top, and if for some strange reason the order is still not delivered (and there are no updates) we go ahead and refund the whole order (usually around day 40-45).

Of course, all the orders are inherently covered by PayPal’s resolution center (up to 180 days after every transaction) and our dedication to full customer satisfaction in case the postal services mishandle the package in any way.

Kind regards,, Support Team