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Our brand new “Store Credit & Reward” system

We’re glad to announce the launch of our “Store Credit & Reward” system. Upon purchase customers will earn store credits which can be later redeemed for discounts. The current exchange rate is “100 credits = 1$”. Customers can also earn points for actions like creating an account or writing a product review, the current rate […]

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Expected traffic increase at our []

As you’re already aware of, we managed to launch our forum not too long ago. It’s been doing fine with 303 Members, 446 Posts, and 113 Topics generated over several months but it’s our determination to increase its exposure. After all, each and every point of view regarding the issues at hand is unique and […]

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[Resolved] Bug where orders remain “pending” for longer than anticipated

Even though you’ve checked out with PayPal, your order may remain “pending” for an unusual amount of time before it’s finally updated to processing.  We’re aware of the issue. Rest assured, the order has been received. We’re currently resolving the issue. Kind regards,, Support Team Update 2:05 PM [UTC ± 00:00]  The issue should be resolved […]

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[Resolved] Bug where shipping charges would apply twice

Basically PayPal would apply its own shipping rate charges on top of the order total. Several transactions were affected by the nasty bug. The issue should be resolved now. The affected clients have been refunded, naturally. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Kind regards,, Support Team

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Additional customer support staff

Despite my best efforts, the time has come where, through the sheer number of cases submitted daily, it is virtually impossible to serve the function of customer support alone. The decision was not an easy one to make, although maybe I should have done it much earlier since I was seriously lagging behind those last several […]

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I’m extremely glad to announce that after several long months of extensive development, our new subdomain is now available. It’s to be used to replace our outdated e-commerce system. Along with it come additional products, the original branding of the supplements, an affiliate program, as well as much additional specific information regarding the utilized […]

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