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Easter related slight delivery delays [2016]

Easter is upon us and as with any major holiday slight delivery delays are to be expected with the postal services not working for a couple of days. If you have ordered the week before and still haven’t received your item(s), the chances are it will take a bit longer (3-4 days rough estimation). Additionally, […]

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Christmas related slight delivery delays

Christmas is upon us and as with any major holiday slight delivery/shipping delays are to be expected with the postal services not working on 25/12/2014, 26/12/2014, 28/12/2014, 31/12/2014, 01/01/2015, 02/01/2015, and 04/01/2015. On the bright side, there are windows on 27/12/2014, 29/12/2014, 30/12/2014, and 03/01/2015 during which we’ll be able to process and ship orders. We’d […]

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Vimeo channel up

We’re glad to inform you that our Vimeo channel is up and running. It seems like a great platform and gives us the freedom to continue sharing information in a very engaging way. The address is: , be sure to check it out and subscribe as we’ll be uploading videos weekly. As for our Youtube […]

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USPS Tracking Temporarily Unavailable [resolved]

Many of you may have noticed that as of 17/11/2014 the USPS Tracking has been unavailable. We’ve tested it through 3 external warehouse locations and it seems to be true for all international packages. The message you’ll receive is “USPS Tracking™ is unavailable for this product for [Country Forwarder].” There has been a huge international […]

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uBreeze improved

We’re glad to announce that after nearly 5 months of development, we were able to improve our best selling testicular temperature regulatory item (with Arctics being a close second). Although we were happy how the first version turned out, we knew it could be improved even further so went down the “one solid masterpiece” road. […]

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Congratulations to our top affiliate John C.

Our affiliate program was a great addition to our core store functionality. It allowed people from all over the world to earn 30% commissions on sale, given that their custom link was the one that brought the customer to the site. Even so, it needed some time to really flourish and reveal its great potential. […]

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“Review Month” relaunched [3]

We’re glad to announce we’re officially launching our third “Review Month” (18/07/2014 –18/08/2014 [UTC ± 00:00]) during which each and every product review will be awarded 400 store credits which is the equivalent of 4$ (note that it applies only for 1 review per product). It’s a great way to earn some store credits by […]

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Random 408 Request Time-outs

Basically, these last several days visitors would receive completely random and instant “408 Request Time-out. Your browser didn’t send a complete request in time.” errors while browsing the site. We investigated the issue thoroughly and it turned out to be a browser specific bug plaguing the new version of Google Chrome. The issue is described […]

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“Verified Owner” tag on product reviews removed

Over the past several months we’ve been investigating issues with increased CPU server loads. The problem was getting increasingly worse with the heightened traffic and really got us to the point of investigating each and every module and piece of code on the particular site. Rather unexpectedly, it turned out it’s actually the verified owner […]

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uBreeze now available

I’m excited to announce that after nearly 7 months of development, uBreeze is now available. It is the final third device of the series we started what now seems so long ago. It’s been one hell of a ride to actually develop and finish the three devices but receiving these amounts of positive feedback on […]

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