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Fulfilling Orders Again (Only To Certain Countries)

Hey guys, the coronavirus situation has been gradually improving and has just reached a point where Registered Mail International have started accepting their usual “RI” packages to certain countries. Thus, as of 29/05/2020 we’ll be fulfilling orders to: Albania Argentina Austria Belgium Brazil Canada China Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Estonia Finland France Germany Greece […]

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Temporarily Not Fulfilling New Orders [May 9th 2020]

Hey guys, we’ve have temporarily stopped fulfilling new orders. The idea is to see if the orders we fulfilled between (05/05/2020 – 08/05/2020) would be successfully delivered by the postal services (given the still difficult coronavirus situation). And subsequently what would the customer satisfaction rate be with the whole service. If we find the customer […]

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Postal Services Working Again (With Modified Terms of Service)

Hey guys, It seems that some of the strict Coronavirus measures are being gradually lifted. Registered Mail International announced they will start accepting packages again (as of 05/05/2020). Even so, it seems that both the delivery speed and the proper tracking of the packages will be affected by the Coronavirus measures that are still in […]

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Postal Services Closed [Until Further Notice]

Hey guys, It seems that the Coronavirus situation has escalated at a rapid pace, leading to severe disturbances in the normal postal operations (as of March 13th). Thus, we had to disable all payment methods until further notice. We’ll be sure to post an update as soon as there’s anything to add. Kind regards,, […]

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USPS Delivery Delays [March 20th 2018]

Hey guys, it seems that cold snowy weather across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States (since March 20th 2018) has led to thousands of flights being cancelled with predictions to last until the end of the month. The official U.S. Postal Service announcement (could be found at “The U.S. Postal Service […]

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Delivery Delays Extending To January 2018

Hey guys, the International Postal Services were still somewhat overburdened due to the package influx during the holiday season, and now the cold snowy weather across North America and Europe (since January 4th 2018) has led to thousands of flights being cancelled with predictions to last until January 20th or so. For more on that: […]

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Holiday Season Shipping Delays [December 2017]

Hey guys, As usual around this time of the year, the postal services are getting expanded beyond their capabilities to handle packages in a timely manner. This could result in some delivery delays, ranging from a few days to a week, or even a bit more. Last year Registered Mail International AIR (our carrier) was […]

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Introducing TRP-Nettle (Improved 5HTP-Nettle) [09/08/2017]

Hey guys, we’re excited to announce the largely successful 5HTP-Nettle will be improved even further and renamed to TRP-Nettle to better match its ingredients. So, what’s new? The main difference and improvement is that 5-HTP will be replaced by L-Tryptophan (its metabolic parent), which will result in even broader and more balanced health benefits. What’s […]

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Holiday Shipping Delays [20/12/2016 - 01/01/2017]

Hey guys, It seems that, due to the holiday season, the postal services worldwide have been temporarily expanded beyond their capacity to handle packages in a timely manner. We’ve actually had to (just now 20/12/2016) completely disable both our Standard and EMS shipping options as they are currently not accepting new packages to numerous destinations. […]

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Alpha-HGH Will Be Available On 11/06/2016

Hey Guys, Alpha-HGH will be temporarily unavailable for the next 2 days (in-between 09/06/2016 – 11/06/2016). It should be back online on 11/06/2016. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Kind regards,, Support Team

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