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uBreeze now available

I’m excited to announce that after nearly 7 months of development, uBreeze is now available. It is the final third device of the series we started what now seems so long ago. It’s been one hell of a ride to actually develop and finish the three devices but receiving these amounts of positive feedback on […]

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Arctics now available

I’m extremely excited to announce that after a prolonged development cycle, Arctics is now available. As it turned out, optimizing the thermophore’s coating for optimal thermal transfer was quite challenging and involved months upon months of extensive data collection, countless consultations with specialists, and the focused dedication of the private manufacturer responsible for the particular […]

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uFreeze now available

I’m glad to announce that after nearly 10 months of development, uFreeze is now available. The device is with no known analogues and will prove to be of great assistance in increasing testosterone levels and fertility. The creation process was extremely difficult and involved two private manufacturing facilities and much time and patience. We persevered […]

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Completely redone SR-Cream

Although the already modified SR-Cream proved to be a success, we firmly believed it could be improved upon even further. It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally ready to announce and launch the new and arguably superior formula. We’ve almost tripled the natural active ingredients while virtually eliminating the already stretched thin numerous […]

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Additional customer support staff

Despite my best efforts, the time has come where, through the sheer number of cases submitted daily, it is virtually impossible to serve the function of customer support alone. The decision was not an easy one to make, although maybe I should have done it much earlier since I was seriously lagging behind those last several […]

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I’m extremely glad to announce that after several long months of extensive development, our new subdomain is now available. It’s to be used to replace our outdated e-commerce system. Along with it come additional products, the original branding of the supplements, an affiliate program, as well as much additional specific information regarding the utilized […]

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