Affiliate Program

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How our affiliate program works?

Just sign up for our affiliate program and grab an affiliate link to share. Find creative ways to share the affiliate link – blog posts, ads in your sidebar, forums, social media updates, etc.

When someone clicks your affiliate link, they’ll be redirected to our site and a small piece of code will be saved in their history, giving you the credit for their eventual purchase, even 30 days down the line.At the end of every two weeks, we’ll deposit the earnings from all of your referrals directly into your PayPal account, given that the total sum is at least $100. If not, it will be kept indefinitely until the minimum amount is reached, and then will be transferred to you. That’s all there is to it.

Why should you join our affiliate program?

1. Instant income
Start earning money immediately! Once your registration request is confirmed you can start earning commissions simply by placing one of our banners or text links on yours or other sites and referring visitors to us.

2. Earn 30% commission on sale
We pay our affiliates generous commissions – 30% of revenues. Payouts are always on time. There are no limits to how much you can earn.

3. High conversion rate
We convert roughly 1 out of every 35 visitors into a sale. We invest in our products and websites and you will reap the benefits.

4. Extensive Statistics
As our affiliate, you’ll be presented with your own account, supporting numerous statistics to track exactly how well you’re doing.

5. Work from home on your terms
Hardly anything more satisfying.

6. Returning customers
Get paid more because a large percentage of our customers order more than once.

7.Get paid every two weeks
We will pay you every two weeks, with minimum amount being as low as $100, allowing you to successfully manage the finances of your business.